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This is a review of Valle & Associates Group, Inc. – A top-rated national small business marketing firm.  For more information about Valle & Associates Group, visit the link below:

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Valle & Associates Group is a unique marketing agency that stands out from all other SEO companies. This company goes far beyond SEO. SEO is not even their primary service offered. One of the many things I learned from them was that most people don’t understand that SEO is ONLY a traffic generating strategy, nothing else. SEO will not convert your website visitors into paying customers.  Most people believe that SEO is the Holy Grail that will flood their business with customers, but that won’t happen until certain items are taken care of first.

There are elements that MUST be in place before SEO can be effective (and I’m not referring to “On-Page SEO”).  Without these crucial elements in place, you can have thousands of website visitors per month and never turn those visitors into paying customers.  Also, SEO is a long-term strategy and can take a few months or even years for high competitive “keywords” to rank high in the search engines.  To make things worse, with Google’s frequent algorithm changes, it’s becoming more difficult by the day to achieve those high rankings.  Most businesses need to make money now considering how most are hurting with the economy, they need to see results fast, not months or years down the road.

It’s certainly NOT a quick marketing solution despite what most SEO companies make it out to be.  Don’t get me wrong, I love SEO and know the powerful results it can create.  SEO is definitely an important part of your business for the long-term and should be put in place at some point, it just should not be the first strategy implemented if your website lacks the crucial elements and you are on a budget and need to produce revenue quickly, since SEO is not a quick fix.

Valle & Associates Group are different, they understand offline businesses and the type of marketing appropriate for each individual business based on that business’s industry and demographics.  They have great reviews and are highly sought after by many small businesses across the country.

Keep reading for an honest review that will help you decide whether this marketing company is appropriate for your business or not.

Valle & Associates Group Review – Who Are They?

A San Francisco Bay Area based marketing agency; Valle & Associates Group has helped hundreds of local businesses in the United States generate massive amounts of revenue using a 3-point strategy, which includes lead generation marketing, turning leads into customers, and turning one-time customers into lifetime customers.

Everything they do is specific to your business and the demographics of your buying public.  They only recommend marketing strategies that make sense for your specific business.

Valle & Associates Group Review – What I like?

What are the strong points and key aspects that Valle & Associates Group has to offer? They are unlike any other marketing agency I have come across.  They don’t just pitch to you their SEO service like others will.  They actually take their time to fully understand your business and the products or services you offer, and then they recommend specific marketing techniques and strategies that are best for your business.

They make you feel comfortable and it shows they actually care about you and your success with your business. I like that they are not pushy sales people, they just educate you and let you make your own decision without feeling pressure.  I’m also pleased with the fact that many of their services are very affordable, unlike most SEO companies that try to stick you with an SEO package that will cost thousands of dollars per month to keep going and promise you a “First Page of Google” and don’t deliver.  This company under promises and over delivers.  They are dedicated to helping your business succeed.

Valle & Associates Group Review – What I Didn’t Like?

If I could put my finger on it and really think about Valle & Associates Group, one thing I don’t like is that their ‘9 Key Marketing Elements to a Lead Generating Website’ service is pretty darn expensive if they do it for you since it’s custom made and tailored specifically to your business and I feel every business should take advantage of this since it’s the most important marketing tool for any business, but I know the price will scare a lot of people since it’s $15,000+ depending on how involved they get to set it up… and it’s NOT the usual “we will build a website for you” stuff that you see most marketing companies offer.

However, they do offer a course where you can do it yourself and it’s significantly cheaper than them doing for you. Whatever route you take, it’s an investment that will pay you many times over for years to come. The results from this one unique product that I have never seen anyone else offer just blew me away.  I was hesitant at first but I’m glad I went through with it because now I’m reaping the rewards with my own business.

Don’t get hung up on this one particular service, keep in mind this is just ONE service that happens to be expensive.  They have numerous other very affordable products and services under $500 that will make a huge positive impact and will grow your business by leaps and bounds.

Valle & Associates Group Review – Overall Thoughts

Valle & Associates Group is a great company to have as your go-to company for all your online and offline marketing needs.  Their team of experts are very friendly and will answer any questions you may have.  There are so many so-called “SEO Experts” pushing SEO as the ONLY online strategy nowadays that businesses are left clueless as to what really is best for their business.  Valle & Associates Group sets themselves apart from the crowd by working with you to find solutions to your marketing problems, not just peddling an SEO service.

The product I liked the best that they offer is a Do-It-Yourself Reputation Marketing course that I found to be fundamental to the success of my business.  You can check out more info about their course here:

99% of companies or consultants that specialize in “online marketing for local businesses” do not understand the inner workings and needs of offline local businesses since they are trained ONLY in “online” techniques without knowing or understanding how offline businesses think and do business with their customers, and Valle & Associates Group is one of those companies that “Get It”, and for that, they get my praise.

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SEO Backlink Strategy

SEO Backlink

The SEO backlink plays a vital role in getting your website to the upper most positions of search engine results and then, keeping it there. Before you ask how that works let me give you a little information on “Search Engine Optimization” or what we know as SEO.

There is nothing like the feeling we have when we finally get our business website finished and published. Because 9 times out of 10 sites of today are relevant to the owner, we can hardly wait to share our passion with a world who we heal needs exactly what we have to offer. But after weeks of checking the site daily, nothing seems to be happening.

Let me tell you up front—you are not alone. And people are not ignoring you because your information or service is not good, but because they do not know you are there. Think about how you research when you go online. You type in a few keywords and hit the search button and let the computer do the rest. Well, when getting your site from where it is to visibility search engines are the answer, and a SEO backlink strategy will take you to a higher rating still.

Linking is a common term—we follow them any time we want to further our searches, travelling from one site to another. When you have your own site these links become important in the sense that they add credibility to your site. According to one of the most sophisticated search engine systems—Google, (though there are others such as Bing and Yahoo, just to name the most popular) a website needs not only good content but a means of making itself legitimate. An SEO backlink plan can do just that.

With your first SEO backlink strategy you will begin your sites journey to being well ranked within the systems of the major search engines. While adding keyword density to your page content will pull your site up. Creating backlinks is the secret to having a high ranking in the search engines.  If your site has not been brought to that level of ranking (being on the first page of Google) chances are you will not be found.

Roughly 60% of the algorithm criteria used by Google to determine authenticity as well as popularity of a site is the amount of people who have linked (or backlinked) to you—this includes social media such as facebook, pinterest, Twitter, etc. They look at your site in this way: If hundreds of people are linking to your website, you must have the right goods, therefore deserve a higher ranking.

Building the rapport with other sites to the point they want to linkback to your site can be time consuming and tedious work but in order to maximize your exposure to the general public it is a necessary step. Many people, without time or the know-how; will turn to an SEO backlink service who for a fee will do that work for them. They actually have programs that have been developed to by-pass much of that painstaking work.

For more information about SEO backlink, check out this top SEO company reviews.



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